About Sinauer Associates

Sinauer Associates, Inc., publishers of college-level textbooks and educational multimedia in biology, psychology, neuroscience, and allied disciplines, was founded in June of 1969 by Andrew D. Sinauer. The company began its life in a basement apartment in downtown Stamford, Connecticut. Almost immediately the company successfully published an ecology board game, a population biology textbook, a reader on immunobiology, and an environmental science textbook. While developing an introductory biology textbook and an animal behavior text, the company moved to Sunderland in 1974.

Sinauer Associates has grown slowly, focusing principally on the quality of its publications. The goals continue to be to work with talented and knowledgeable authors, to create books and media that are handsomely designed and produced, and to communicate effectively with each title’s intended audience.

In November 1993, 19 years after moving to Sunderland, Sinauer Associates purchased a parcel of land on Plumtree Road and built an office building for its sole use with surrounding fields and maple groves.

Today the firm has 38 employees and 126 titles in print. Many of these titles are seminal works or texts that have captured the major segment of their market.

The corporation will continue to pursue excellence in science publishing.