Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases

Hal Blumenfeld, M.D., Ph.D., Yale University School of Medicine
Hal Blumenfeld, M.D., Ph.D., Yale University School of Medicine

Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases

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Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases brings a pioneering interactive approach to the teaching of neuroanatomy, using over 100 actual clinical cases and high-quality radiologic images to bring the subject to life. The Second Edition is fully updated with the latest advances in the field, and includes several exciting new cases. This approach allows students to appreciate the clinical relevance of structural details as they are being learned, and to integrate knowledge of disparate functional systems, since a single lesion may affect several different neural structures and pathways.

Most of the book comprises chapters that explain the major neuroanatomical systems. Each chapter first presents background material including an overview of relevant neuroanatomical structures and pathways, and a brief discussion of related clinical disorders. The second half of each chapter is devoted to clinical cases. The cases begin with a narrative of how the patient developed symptoms, and what deficits were found upon neurological examination. Boldface type highlights important symptoms and signs. A series of questions challenges the reader to deduce the neuroanatomical location of the patient’s lesion, and the diagnosis. Discussion and answers follow, and an epilogue reveals the actual outcome. One of the book’s most innovative features is the inclusion of CT and MRI scans that depict each patient’s lesion. These radiographs help the reader develop skills in interpreting the same kinds of diagnostic images employed in clinical practice.

The book is intended primarily for first- or second-year medical students enrolled in a basic neuroanatomy, neurobiology or neuroscience course. It is also a valuable resource for advanced medical students and residents, as well as students of other health professions, including neuropsychology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, dentistry, and speech therapy.

New for the Second Edition, Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases is available as an online interactive eBook, at a substantial discount off the list price of the printed textbook. For instructors, the eBook offers an unprecedented opportunity to easily customize the textbook with the addition of notes, Web links, images, documents, and more. Students can readily bookmark pages, highlight text, add their own notes, search the full text, and customize the display of the text. In addition, interactive links provide easy cross referencing for figures, tables, and other content. Each segment of The NeuroExam Video referenced in the textbook is also integrated into the eBook.

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Hal Blumenfeld is Professor in the Departments of Neurology, Neurobiology, and Neurosurgery at Yale University School of Medicine. He has taught neuroanatomy at Harvard, Yale, and Columbia Universities using the approach of Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases, which the students greeted with highly favorable feedback. He recently received the prestigious Francis Gilman Blake Award, as the most outstanding teacher of medical sciences at the Yale School of Medicine, and the Dreifuss-Penry Epilepsy Research Award from the American Academy of Neurology. He has also been awarded several major grants (from the National Institutes of Health, and private foundations) to pursue his research, which focuses on epilepsy as a model system for investigating consciousness. Current projects include neuroimaging, neurophysiology, and behavioral experiments in animal models of epilepsy, and direct application to human patients. His clinical training included an internship in Internal Medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, a residency in Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital, and a fellowship in Epilepsy at Yale University School of Medicine. He studied Bioelectrical Engineering at Harvard University, then earned a Ph.D. (in Physiology and Cellular Biophysics) as well as his M.D. at Columbia University. Dr. Blumenfeld’s previous publications include numerous articles in peer reviewed journals, as well as two volumes in the Let’s Go travel guidebook series.

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Interactive eBook (
(Two-year subscription included with new book purchases.) This convenient eBook format offers students the ability to easily bookmark pages, highlight text, add their own notes, search the full text, and customize the display of the text. In addition, interactive links provide easy cross referencing for figures, tables, and other content.

The NeuroExam Video (
Available free online or on DVD ($49.95 Suggested list price), The NeuroExam Video demonstrates how to perform a complete neurologic examination. It is intended for medical students, residents, and other students in the health care professions (Read more about The NeuroExam Video).


For the Instructor (Available to Qualified Adopters)

Instructor’s Resource Library
The Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases, Second Edition Instructor’s Resource Library features:

  • Textbook Figures and Tables: All of the textbook’s figures, photos, and tables are provided as both high- and low-resolution JPEG files. In addition, ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations of all figures and tables are included.
  • Clinical Cases: All of the cases presented in the textbook, prepared as PowerPoint presentations for easy use in class.
  • Case Conferences: A set of five PowerPoint presentations that consist of 20 new teaching cases that do not appear in the textbook. These cases are ideal for teaching or examining students using examples that are unknown to them. Also included are handouts with questions and answers.
  • NeuroExam Videos: All of the segments of The NeuroExam Video are provided for use in class. (Read more about The NeuroExam Video.)

If you have adopted this text for course use (within the U.S. or Canada) and are interested in the instructor’s supplements that accompany the text, please contact Linda VandenDolder, [email protected]. Outside the U.S. or Canada? Check the orders and returns page for the distributor in your region.

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